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Architectural Salvage Kenosha

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Kathryn Thoman

General Manager of Architectural Salvage Kenosha
Founder of Character Builders Salvage and Design

Who We Are

Architectural Salvage Kenosha is a retailer that gives old building materials a new life. By reclaiming and reusing what we save from going to the landfill using deconstruction methods, rather than traditional demolition, artisans are given the materials to create items like these. It is our honor to supply artists with the raw materials they need, and our privilege to offer the finished products to our customers – creating an entirely new market.

  • Saves on disposal costs
  • Better for the environment
  • Preserves our history while giving materials new life
  • Saves materials from going to the landfill
  • Gives artisans new opportunities
  • Creates an all new market

About Kathryn

If you would have asked the High School me what I wanted to be, I would have answered: “Something where I love what I do every single day, and being creative is a necessity, that makes the world a better place, where I get to dress however I like, and have the ability to take my dog to work with me” – I’d say I pretty much nailed it – the High School me would be proud of who I am today!

Where do we get our materials?

Our sister company Recyclean, Inc, is focused on “thinking past the dumpster”. Recyclean takes down old, dilapidated buildings that are no longer in use and salvages building materials for new projects. They save as much material as they can and create as little waste as possible.

That’s where Architectural Salvage Kenosha comes in. Our purpose is to give these salvaged materials new life by selling them for reuse or to artisans that can re-purpose the building materials and turn them into something beautiful!

Bill Hughes

Logistics Manager for Architectural Salvage Kenosha

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