This is my new friend Carmen. She saw my post on Facebook about a sale in a mansion, noticed the statues of Hebe, the goddess of Youth, that flank the front door and immediately fell in love. She quickly made a deal with me to buy one of the statues, rented a truck, and drove 150 miles to come and fetch her. Our guys, being the Troopers that they are, put their backs into it (literally) and carefully put Hebe into the truck for the journey to her new home – all while the longtime assistant to the former owner of the estate looked on, very pleased with Hebe’s fate. Now the lovely Goddess is the queen of Carmen’s beautiful French inspired garden in Galena, IL.
Thanks goes to Highgate Builders for choosing to deconstruct rather than demolish, to Mike Goffman for conceiving the idea than putting it into action to start a company that does such a thing, and to our hard-working guys who do incredibly cool things like this every single day. We thank you, Carmen thanks you, I’m sure the former owner thanks you, and last but not least, Hebe thanks you!

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