Raw Building Materials

Architectural Salvage Kenosha is a supplier of raw building materials for commercial and residential purposes. We offer materials such as reclaimed flooring, wall boards like ship lap, beams, and other timbers.

Fixtures & Antiquities

Not only do we supply the raw building materials, but we also offer the fixtures within the building such as lights, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, architectural elements, and antiquities. We value every part of a building, and we’ll find a use for all salvageable materials.

About Our Services

Architectural Salvage Kenosha supplies a huge variety of reclaimed building materials for residential and commercial applications. We offer reclaimed building features such as antiques, lights, sinks, and faucets as well.

An Example of Our Products in Use

These are pictures from one of our customers who used some of our salvaged hardwood flooring to repair their original home from the 1800s!

Why use reclaimed building materials?

The materials we save from deconstructed buildings have many purposes. It’s important to us to give all of these materials a second chance at life and avoid the landfill as much as possible. Our salvage materials are often used for their original purpose. Contractors will use our genuine products for home restorations to maintain the antique or vintage look.

Our materials are re-purposed as well. Artisans who want to create something from original home pieces with a rustic look will turn to us to supply them with the right materials. Our in-house artisans create beautiful works of art and home decor using our salvaged products. Rather than that same antique material going straight to the dump, it gets a new life as something new and wonderful!

Why is old wood better?

  1. Stability – Wood naturally expands when it is wet and contracts when it is dry. Older wood does not move nearly as much as new wood due to the tighter growth rings. This helps prevent joints from loosening up and keep all of the elements of the house secure.
  2. Strength – Old wood is much denser than new wood. This means that it is capable of withstanding more weight over longer periods of time.
  3. Help Resist Termites – Termites prefer soft woods because they are easy to chew, and they are more prone to absorbing moisture. Old-growth wood will hold less moisture and be harder to chew of course.
  4. Rot-Resistant – Although not entirely rot-resistant, old wood will resist rot more than new-growth wood. Old wood was cut from older, naturally growing trees. Therefore, they have grown a heartwood at the center. This wood not only resists rot more than other woods, but it is also more pleasing to the eye and more durable.
New-Growth Wood vs. Old-Growth Wood

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